Airsoft BB Guns – Choosing Between Spring and Electric Models

Airsoft BB Guns – Choosing Between Spring and Electric Models

Airsoft BB guns are rapidly increasing in popularity around the world. Many clubs have been formed to bring enthusiasts together to enjoy their weapons. Activities in these clubs range from 38 special ammo  simple target shooting to all out urban combat games. Having the right gun for the activities you wish to participate in will maximize your airsoft experience.

Electric vs Spring airsoft guns

Electric Air guns: Electric airsoft BB guns are by far the most popular. this is due to the fact that ,many models operate with semi automatic and fully automatic capabilities. This not only adds to the realism but also makes these guns extremely fun to shoot.

Electric guns are available in a wide variety of price and performance ranges. High end models are constructed from metal and use metal gears to deliver high velocity and rapid rates of fire. While the lower end plastic models deliver lower performance but just as much fun.

The only limit an electric air gun has is the battery life, so always have spare batteries on hand if you want a full days fun!

Spring Guns: Spring guns have a wide range of models. These guns range from cheap $4 dollar pistols to high end very powerful sniper rifles that cost hundreds of dollars. Spring guns perform better then other models in cold weather and the high end models are extremely powerful and accurate. There only drawback is that they are single shot only. These guns are the best for target shooting competitions.

Gas Powered Guns: Gas Powered Airsoft Guns use compressed carbon dioxide, Freon or Green Gas as a propellant. The propellant gas is held in a tank or reservoir on the gun. Gas guns us a “Blow back” feature to chamber the next round as realistically as an actual gun. Because they have more moving parts and use gas as a propellant, this type of airsoft gun is more expensive to operate. They are preferred by serious Airsoft Gun Collectors.

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