Nature in New York City

 Nature in New York City

Many people think of New York as a purely urban setting, dominated by skyscrapers, tight-knit streets, and crowds of yellow taxis. However, while this may be a fairly accurate depiction of the city centre, New York City is also brimming wit best landscapers in nj  h nature, greenery, and serene settings.

Sure, New York City is the epitome of a large, bustling city – to the extent that nature within the city seems rare. However, there are various pockets of greenery throughout the city, not to mention activities and establishments dedicated to promoting these areas.

One of the most obvious is, of course, Central Park. Boasting more than 840 acres of landscaped and recreational areas – such as a zoo, theatre, and various sporting facilities – Central Park is a natural haven within urban surroundings. It also hosts festivals and entertainment events year-round, giving locals and holidaymakers alike yet another reason to visit.

Other New York parks which offer supreme serenity amid the city include Prospect Park in Brooklyn, Riverbank State Park in New York City, and Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx. Offering 526-acres of natural beauty, Prospect Park is home to New York City’s last surviving forest. It also boasts a historic carousel, pedal boating, ice skating, and Lefferts Homestead Children’s Museum. Riverbank State Park, however, offers more active recreational opportunities, inviting guests to rollerblade, ice-skate, swim and utilise the playing courts and fields for games.

The park itself is a 28-acre multi-level landscaped recreational facility situated on a half-mile-long platform, offering stunning views of the Hudson River, New Jersey and the George Washington Bridge. And finally, New York City’s fourth-largest park, Van Cortlandt Park offers more than a thousand acres atop the ridges and valleys of the northwest Bronx. Guests will find playing fields and playgrounds surrounding a forest fed by Tibbets Brook. Van Cortlandt Park is also home to New York’s first public golf course, the oldest house in the Bronx, and the borough’s largest fresh water lake.

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