Pretender Cell Phone Stun Gun: When Discretion in Your Self Defense Is Important

Pretender Cell Phone Stun Gun: When Discretion in Your Self Defense Is Important

Kathryn dropped by searching for something she could use to safeguard herself. She is a clinician and was exceptionally worried about one of her clients. As she connected with me, this person was seeing her in view of his set of experiences of brutality, including assaults against ladies. Because of the idea of her calling, she would accompany this man alone, away from public scrutiny. Given his set of experiences and his actual size, she was apprehensive, and sensibly so.

She needed something non-deadly yet viable that she could keep inside simple reach. It additionally must be attentive so her client wouldn’t understand what it was. I showed her the Pretender Cell Phone Stun Gun.

The Pretender cell immobilizer measures 4″ x 2″ x 1″ making it exceptionally simple to convey in your grasp. Be that as it may, don’t be tricked by its little size. This unit packs a shocking 4.5 million volts making it simple to push an assailant to 300 savage ammo  brink of collapse in practically no time. The Pretender is battery-powered, so you never need to stress over changing the battery. Essentially plug it in short-term, when a month to keep it completely energized.

The cell immobilizer accompanies a vinyl conveying case that has a clasp. This permits you to convey the unit on your belt or within part of your satchel. Since immobilizers will go through about an inch of material or attire, you don’t need to remove it from to utilize it. It likewise has an electric lamp mode which incorporates a brilliant LED light. The unit has what gives off an impression of being the dialing numbers. It likewise has a phony picture screen. Be that as it may, there are two buttons on the essence of the immobilizer which do work. One is the electric lamp mode. This makes the Pretender ideal for keeping in your grasp as you stroll to your vehicle on a dull evening. Rather than mishandling with your vehicle keys you can enlighten the key section.

The subsequent button is the shock activator. In the event that you are feeling undermined, or confronting an assailant, you can rapidly squeeze this button, making the 4.5 million volts bend between the contact tests. One of the upsides of immobilizers is that even the sound of it popping has been shown to be an impediment. However, assuming you need to connect with it, have confidence that your attacker will feel the strong voltage. To keep away from incidental release, the Pretender has a security switch which is situated on the unit. Sliding it up or down turns the unit on and off.

I showed Kathryn how she could keep the Pretender in front of her where she could rapidly arrive at it assuming her client became vicious, without him truly understanding what its genuine design was. She concurred that it was the ideal answer for a cautious self protection weapon.

What about you? Would you like to safeguard yourself, yet don’t need any other person to understand what you have? Then get yourself the Pretender Cell Phone immobilizer.

Remain Safe!

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